Eco 56

Not only is this product budget-friendly, but it also comes with a 16-year warranty. The olive and pine green coloring are appealing to the eye whether it is installed in a large space such as an event or even just in your front and backyard.

Eco 72
This product has deep green and olive tones. This turf is great for landscape projects or as fringe on a putting green. The wave blade type deflects the heat rays and keeps your lawn cooler, the rigid texture is great for foot traffic and makes for a long-lasting lawn.

Eco 74
This product has a beautiful summer and emerald green coloring. The W-shape blades make for a softer feel, which is great for the whole family. Your lawn will look vibrant anywhere you choose to install it.

Eco 82
A very soft turf product with blades that give off the look of a well-groomed, neighborhood lawn. The taller field and lime green blades make for a lush look and a padded feel. This synthetic turf is great for moderate traffic and will look incredible in any application.

Eco 96
Ideal for moderate to heavy traffic. The tall, rich emerald and lime green blades on this synthetic turf create a luxury look and the wave blade makes for a resilient product. This high-quality product will always look its best.

Eco 108
Built with blades that will stand tall over time. You can walk on this moderate to heavy traffic product all day and it will bounce back, always looking and feeling plush. The product has a neutral pine and bamboo green coloring.

Flow 75 Pet Turf
Equipped with Optimum FlowTM technology for exceptional drainage. This turf is our preferred product for pet applications due to its permeability and slightly stiffer blade structure, which makes cleaning a breeze. Perfect for landscape, putting fringe, and anywhere else a medium-density product is needed.

Flow 98
This exceptional product offers a taller pile height with a tough blade structure, to imitate a lush, beautiful natural lawn. The Optimum FlowTM technology facilitates up to 8X faster drainage than a standard punch hole backing. This is the perfect turf for most all applications and is preferred for pet and high-traffic areas. Choose between Olive, Forest, and Lime!

Natural 80
This product is an ideal moderate traffic, budget-friendly option while still having a real look and feel. This product showcases a mix of summer, emerald and beige blade colors. Each blade having a distinct shape and color makes for a natural and long-lasting look.

Eco 85 Silver Putt
This putting green has a ball roll performance like a professional green while still remaining budget-friendly. This artificial putting green can be used both indoors and outdoors. No matter where you use it, the two-tone flower and lime green coloring will make for an attractive look.

Dynamic Putt
Dynamic Putt is one of the top-performing putting green products on the market. The flexible backing on this product effortlessly covers the contours and angulations of even the most challenging of grades. It combines superior performance with a natural look for you to sharpen your short game.

Envirofill is the ideal turf infill for home use, parks, and playgrounds because it’s safe, clean, and anti-microbial. Envirofill’s trademark green silicone dioxide granules maintain cooler temperatures compared to black crumb rubber infill and its highly-rounded quartz core resists compaction – a must-have for consistent high-performance and a one-time application that you can set and forget.

5in Steel Nails
These 5″ non-galvanized steel nails are made strong to keep the turf in place. These nails can be used in both residential and commercial installation projects. 40D nails are designed to promote rust which helps lock your turf installation in place by bonding with the ground.